Campingcottages – 4 beds

A part of the beachside campingsite of Sudersand

The campingcottages at the beachside campingsite are brand new, are 20 square meters in area and are suitable for 4 people. They are modern and contains kitchenette with fridge and freezer and a separate bathroom with toilette and shower.

The sleeps are in a bunkbed where the lower bunk is 160 cm wide and the top bunk is 140 cm wide. So if you are 4 people, you have to share the large beds.

All the cottages are located within a 100 metres to the fantastic beach of Sudersand.

If you need to you have access to the other facilities in the area such as the servicehouses with kitchens, showers and toilettes. To get access you need a accesscard that you´ll get from the reception.

Travelers under 18 years of age need to be accompanied by an adult.

Check-in and -out takes place at the reception of the beachside campingsite and the campingcottages are hirable from 20 June to 30 September.